What happens to the cardboard and paper after it has been dumped at our facility?

As the paper is unloaded, it is weighed, graded and recorded. After the cardboard has been sorted, it is then dumped onto one of our conveyors and fed into our American high density baler. The cardboard bales are then prepared for shipment to various mills around the world where the actual re-pulping and recycling takes place.

Do you Recycle Electronics?

Electronic materials should not be recycled with your everyday recyclables and should be handled separately. We do not accept this material.

Do I need an appointment to drop off material at your facility?

Our facility can accommodate drop-off customers with no advance notice during normal business hours.

How do I order an Open Top Container?

Call us today at 301-386-3010 and we will assist you in getting the right dumpster scheduled for delivery.